User-friendly software and expert outsourced procurement professionals bringing you a winning combination of procurement digitalisation, reporting, and excellent manpower support to smooth your procurement cycle and reduce costs.

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About us


Innovative Procurement Solutions for Maritime

MarineProcure is a unique software platform and procurement management solution for the maritime industry.

Our team has 10+ years’ experience in maritime procurement, we understand your challenges from both the office and vessel side. Our goal is to help you digitalise your procurement workflow to reduce your operational costs and to provide outsourcing staff to help you where you need the most support.

MarineProcure’s unique platform and outsourcing approach can be tailored to your meet your needs, giving you resources if and when you need them, and a flexible and customisable platform to improve your costs, reduce bottlenecks and make your entire procurement process smooth and cost-effective.

We offer 24/7 support, full training, and easy implementation on the vessel and in your office.
MarineProcure – the unique approach to Maritime procurement.

We can help you reduce costs and save time


Our expertise

Our software and services are developed with full input from shipping companies, our product development team has over 10 years' experience on-board vessels and shore-based marine projects.


Our focus

We support Maritime Procurement Managers with easy to use software that does exactly what the users need. No fuss, no complications - simply a system built for how you really work on-board and in the office.


Our purpose

We make procurement work and help you save time and money.

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