User-friendly software and expert outsourced procurement professionals bringing you a winning combination of procurement digitalisation, reporting, and excellent manpower support to smooth your procurement cycle and reduce costs.

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We offer procurement outsourcing services to maritime companies ranging from admin staff to help ease the burden of time consuming tasks, to professional procurement managers who can provide comprehensive reporting on financial, supplier and compliance performance. 

The outsourced staff work remotely as an extension of your team. All our resources are fully trained in procurement processes and are able to use both MarineProcure software or can quickly train up to use your existing in-house system.

Clients using our partially outsourced procurement admin resources benefit immediately from having routine admin tasks professionally handled by reliable and well trained admin staff who work precisely to the client’s company’s workflow and processes.

In addition, we offer a fully outsourced service where our experienced procurement managers are ready to step in and handle your procurement operations, giving you a low cost route to experienced maritime procurement managers working remotely, offering all the benefit of their professional experience without the associated full time employment costs.

Outsourced resources plus cloud based platform – helping you improve procurement from day one

Fully Outsourced Procurement Services

We offer complete professional management services throughout the procurement workflow manned by experienced procurement executives specialized in managing full processes, helping market research and performance monitoring to reduce costs.

Partially Outsourced Procurement Services

We offer our services to help managers eradicate time-consuming back-office procurement activities and reporting and also to save costs.

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Fully Vs Partially Outsourced Procurement services

Partial Outsourced

Fully Outsourced

System configuration to company workflow

Approval management for Ranks and Users

Accounts codes setup

New supplier registration

Vessel and department expense reports

Requisition processing

Generation of reports and charts

Supplier profiling and selection

Supplier performance monitoring

Compliance monitoring

Financial performance monitoring

Suppliers, interaction, resolving non-routine issues

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